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The Bakerzin Sale. AWESOME STUFF.

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Bakerzin is having a 30% sale off its cakes till the end of August!

Isn’t that amazing?

An ENTIRE ARMY of cakes at 30% off… The glass surrounding their beautiful cakes must be really strong to withstand all that drool and lust.

Yes. LUST! Who wouldn’t be lusting after those amazing cakes?? Went there with my friends yesterday to chill and we managed to try 3 of their sweets.

The undisputed winner was the awesome oreo cheesecake. Not too thick or cloying as some cheesecakes tend to be… this one was GOOD.

A close runner up was the strawberry shortcake. If the oreo cheesecake was the sexy siren luring all dieters to their doom, the strawberry shortcake has to be the sweet girl next door. It pales in sexiness but it makes up for it in sweet simplicity. The two balanced each other off nicely.

We also tried the irish cream souffle…. but for sweet addicts like us, the bitter coffee taste of the syrup did not go down too well. Apparently the chocolate is better… but i won’t know till i go again… SOON! =DD

With more than a month of the amazing sale…. ┬áthink i can safely bid my diet farewell. Good bye diet, let us meet again at the end of August!!


Written by Musingsat

July 24, 2010 at 7:53 am