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Brunching in Singapore- Cafe Hacienda (Review)

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There is something quite fairytale-like about brunch on a beautiful Sunday morning. A special day when the haze recedes leaving us with fresh clean air to breathe and visibility beyond our arms length. (alright it wasn’t quite that bad. But it was still bad). I should probably have been cheering my friends on at the Nike human race… or helping out with the work there but… oh well… break times are important.

The boyfriend checked online reviews and found this quaint little cafe, situated in the heart of Dempsey road. The online reviews were pretty darned good so he decided it was worth a trip down to try their food.

Their prices are pretty reasonable for brunch at dempsey, about 15 /pax. Maybe if we return, we’ll try the wagyu patty burger which my boyfriend was eyeing…(this is more expensive…maybe 40+/pax)

Behold my darling kate spade basking in the warm morning sun… no interior photos of the cafe because diners don’t always take kindly to being photographed. It’s unremarkable. Just a cozy little cafe with plenty of natural lighting and quaint artwork hanging on the walls. Just the kind of place to chill on a lazy Sunday morning. =)

The food when it came looked promising. Rocket lettuce dividing the two lovers… Hollandaise sauce bathing a poached egg, sitting on a bed of bacon, black forest ham and english muffin. The poached egg was beautifully cooked, coming apart with a slit down the middle… Everything was good.

Comparing with other places that serves brunch, it certainly holds its own. However, I still prefer the breakfast at California, the Ben and Jerry’s branch-off also in Dempsey. However, California has gotten lots of bad reviews on hungrygowhere and apparently its quality tends to be inconsistent. Cafe Hacienda is probably a better bet. =)

So, if you have time on a lazy Saturday/Sunday afternoon, do head down and try out the food at this quaint cafe. It sits in Block 13A of Dempsey Hill (don’t mistake it for its restaurant cousin!) and seems quite popular with both the locals and the expats.


Written by Musingsat

October 24, 2010 at 1:32 pm

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